World Class Projects That Improve Our Environment And Reduce Human Impact.


About Us

We are a passionate collective of senior executives with a strong desire to change the waste industry.

Global AFR is committed to delivering projects that improvement the environment and reduce human impact on natural ecosystems. We view waste as a resource, a potential feedstock for advanced technologies that generate useful products from what is currently disposed – moving from linear to circular resource use.

The Global AFR team has collectively delivered projects that divert 10M tonnes per day of waste away from landfill.

Alternative Waste Treatment

Global AFR is committed to maximising the use of resources through re-using, reducing and recycling resources and minimising their impact while maximising the value of what remains. We work to reduce landfill, reduce greenhouse gas from landfill and replace fossil fuel power generation.

Global AFR, trading in Australia as Queensland Envirowaste Solutions (QEW Solutions) has secured a site for its first Resource Recovery Park (RRP) in SEQ in April 2022.

Energy From Waste

Global AFR aims to maximise resource recovery and thermally treat only residual material for which no higher order use is available. Adopting world’s best technology, energy recovery from residual waste represents the most cost effective and environmentally responsible solution.

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